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Your contribution can help ensure the legacy of caring continues.

Ensuring our community has the health care providers it needs both now and in the future.

It's a responsibility embraced by Methodist Hospital Foundation and demonstrated by our commitment to Nebraska Methodist College - The Josie Harper Campus.

Each year, more than 900 students receive educational training for nursing and allied health careers on campus – and more than 9,000 health care professionals will receive required continuing education. Your gifts will help thousands of them succeed.


Education & Scholarship distributions in 2023


Total number of people served by education and scholarship programs in 2023

Nebraska Methodist College The Josie Harper Campus


Explore how your generosity can help lessen the financial burden for Nebraska Methodist College students.

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Education Programs

Read more about the programs we support below:

Academic Research

Investigate innovative education opportunities.

The Center for Health Partnerships

A vital program that enables Nebraska Methodist College nursing students to assist dozens of organizations serving low-income and underserved populations.

The Online Institute at Nebraska Methodist College

An online learning environments for a variety of health care programs, including Masters of Science in Nursing.

Employee Continuing Education and Scholarship Opportunities

  • Continuing education at Nebraska Methodist College - The Josie Harper Campus
  • Carolyn Scott Spirit of Excellence Scholarships for Graduate Education
  • Loan forgiveness for nursing professionals
  • Learning Resources/New Educational Technology

Student Crisis Assistance

For those attending Nebraska Methodist College - The Josie Harper Campus who are in urgent and genuine need.

Student Scholarships and Grants

For students in both excellent academic standing and financial need.

Excellence in Health Care Education

Funding the Master Teacher Award, professorships and professional development.