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Women Connect Woman’s Melanoma Caught Early Thanks to Free Skin Check at Woman Connect Event

As part of the Foundation's most recent Women Connect event, attendees were offered free skin spot checks. That’s what drew Nancy Watts in—and led to a potentially life-saving discovery.

“If it hadn’t been for Women Connect, I’d probably still be sitting on it and not knowing that it was melanoma,” Watts said.

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KMTV: Methodist Hospital Foundation Hosts 'Women Connect' Event

We were happy to welcome a crew from KMTV to our fall event. We appreciate the coverage of our two-part mission: healthy living and impactful giving. 

Watch the report here.

Women Connect

6News: Methodist Hospital Foundation Promotes Women’s Health at Weekend Event

Heart disease is sometimes thought of as a “man’s disease,” but almost as many women die of heart disease each year in the U.S. In fact, we’re losing a woman to heart disease almost every minute. The death rate is 35 percent higher among Black women than their White counterparts.

We're grateful to WOWT-Channel 6 for helping us spread the word to women throughout our communities: your heart health deserves to be a priority! Watch the report here. 

Women Connect