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Methodist Dermatologist Dr. Tomas Huerta is here to help us avoid the dark side of the summer sun. You have questions about sunscreen, sunburns and skin cancer. Dr. Huerta has the answers for us in this series of question-and-answer videos.

Summer Skin Health: Your Top Ten Questions

Need a Dermatologist or Primary Care Provider?

Proper care of our skin — especially skin damaged by disease, aging, sunlight or other environmental factors — is vital to good health. If you need a dermatologist, meet our providers, and find a health partner who can meet your unique needs.

At Methodist, we also make it easy to find a primary care provider. Reach out to 402-354-CARE. Our primary care providers are often the first to identify any underlying health issues you may have. They can also help you tackle important health goals you may be putting off.

Have a follow-up question about summer skin care? Please email us at @email.