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Methodist Women's Hospital Expansion

"Because of you, more women will have access to quality, compassionate care at every stage of life. We're grateful for your caring hearts and the way you support our patients and their families.” – Tracy Madden-McMahon, president and CEO, Methodist Hospital Foundation

Since opening in 2010, Methodist Women’s Hospital has grown into a regional center of excellence in women’s health – from deliveries and surgeries to cancer care and research.

Now, with the latest expansion, we’re bringing more access, more innovation, and an even higher standard of care for all women in our region.

That is a gift to our communities. We are incredibly grateful for all the donors who supported the For All Women campaign and this important project.

"Thank you for your belief in us. Thank you for being one of our partners and caring for our community. It's so evident that you care as much as we care, and we simply can't do it without you.” – Josie Abboud, President and CEO, Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women’s Hospital

Take a quick video tour of the expansion, which opened in February 2024: