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Foundation Ambassador Playbook

2025 Caring Campaign | It Starts with Heart
Caring Campaign 2025

Our Foundation Ambassadors do their part with heart. 

THANK YOU for helping with this year's Caring Campaign. Our remarkable participation rate, each year, is a reflection of your time, effort and dedication. You go above and beyond, and it’s making a difference for our patients, co-workers and communities.

Caring Campaign Begins Sunday, September 1!

  • Please make sure your team members personally receive their Caring Campaign envelope and multi-purpose Methodist towel. The towels are a thank-you for considering a gift; everyone receives one. Feel free to start handing materials out now – no need to wait until Sept. 1. 
  • Schedule a time for a Foundation team member to stop by your department and talk about Caring Campaign for a few minutes – the earlier the better. We restructured these department visits to work in a huddle. Email @email with a day/time that works best for you and your team.
  • Remember to stress participation in Caring Campaign – that’s what really counts, not the size of the gift.
  • Regular communication about Caring Campaign promotes better participation.

    • Display Caring Campaign posters.
    • Visit about Caring Campaign during team meetings or huddles.
    • Send out weekly emails and progress reports.
    • Share how gifts are making a difference.

    Caring Campaign is our annual employee giving campaign.

    • This year’s theme: It Starts with Heart.
    • “It Starts with Heart” is a tribute to how we operate as Methodist employees and why we support our co-workers through Caring Campaign. Everything comes back to care and compassion — all of us joining together to help our co-workers and communities.
    • Our goal is to get everyone involved – 100% participation – that’s what really matters, not the size of the gift.
    • Our participation helps the Foundation raise additional funds from community donors. 
    • Whether you give $1, $5 or more, you choose exactly where your donation is used.
    • Maybe that’s Caring Coworkers Fund (formerly Family Crisis Connection), a fund that helps co-workers facing unexpected financial hardship. (Caring Coworkers Fund provides employees $1,000 in assistance every 3 years.)
    • Or, our Greatest Need – creating the Latacha Education Center at Methodist Hospital.
    • Giving is easy you can go online or fill out your paper pledge form.
    • We're giving away ten, $50 gift cards each week. 
    • The sooner you turn in your pledge form or make a quick gift, the more chances to win.
    • Thank you for participating!

    Generate excitement and Caring Campaign participation with fun incentives.

    A few ideas to help encourage your department or celebrate 100% participation:

    • Let’s round together. We can fill a bag with snacks and get employees talking about Caring Campaign. Just tell us when and where.
    • Schedule a short department visit if you haven’t already.
    • Create a last-minute challenge. Offer to take a pie in the face, let employees pick out an ugly sweater for you to wear, or reward them with a special treat.   
    • Organize a friendly competition with a peer department.
    • Have a raffle. We’d be happy to provide Foundation swag to give away.

    Don’t hesitate to make this a team effort. Recruit one or multiple deputy ambassadors:

    • They help encourage others to participate and generate excitement.
    • Deputy ambassadors can be part of the challenge.
    • Additional help and training are available to those who request it.

    It’s more fun when others are involved, and it's a great leadership opportunity.


    • Latacha Education Center at Methodist Hospital
    • Enhanced training for staff with two advanced patient simulators
    • Comprehensive education for patients and families 
    • Named in memory of Dr. Matthew Latacha (1976-2023), a beloved Methodist cardiologist


    • Caring Coworkers Fund (formerly Family Crisis Connection), emergency assistance for employees facing financial hardship
    • Now offering up to $1000 for unexpected expenses, including rents and mortgages, utility bills, and car repairs
    • 281 employees supported in 2023

    • FML & Termed: If you have an employee on FML or who no longer works at Methodist, please contact Courtney Gatzemeyer at
    • Auto Renew: Employees who auto renew can still make changes. Please have them email their donation updates to
    • Pay Raises: Compensation increases will be effective September 17. They will be reflected on the October 6 check. 
    • Joint Campaign: Employees can support one or all three of the Foundations within our health system: Methodist Hospital Foundation, Jennie Edmundson Foundation and Fremont Health Foundation. See the pledge form for instructions.

    Once again, 10 weekly winners will each receive a $50 gift card throughout Caring Campaign. Employees will automatically be entered into the weekly drawings when they return their pledge form or make a quick gift. The sooner they act, the more chances they have to win!

Caring Campaign

Need additional pledge formsparticipation posters or PowerPoint slides? Download using the links below:

Click below to download weekly emails you can send to your team(s) throughout Caring Campaign:

Caring Campaign Videos

Methodist employees share their gratitude for the Caring Coworkers Fund (formerly Family Crisis Connection) and the impact it has had on their lives.