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For All Women: A Campaign to Grow Methodist Women's Hospital
Every woman deserves individualized, compassionate health care throughout her lifetime. 
To increase access at every stage – from adolescence through pregnancy, mid-life and beyond we have to grow too.

Serving More | An Urgent Need for Additional Space

Patients throughout a five-state region count on Methodist Women’s Hospital. We are leading the way as the only hospital of its kind in Omaha and the state of Nebraska dedicated to women’s health.

For All Women: A Campaign to Grow Methodist Women's Hospital

Driving the Demand for Expansion

  • More women depend on Methodist Women’s Hospital for their continuum of care.
  • More families start here: high-risk pregnancy, labor & delivery, neonatal intensive care.
  • More surgical services improve the lives of women: general, reconstructive and GYN surgery, including da Vinci Robot-assisted procedures.
  • More options for comprehensive, innovative breast and breast cancer care.


The Plan | Meet a Growing Need

Together, we will create more space to help ensure every woman who wants medical and surgical care at Methodist Women’s Hospital can receive it.                                     

For all Women

Build 10–12 Additional NICU Rooms:

  • Relieve pressure on the area's busiest neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • Reduce overflow to adult care areas of the hospital, opening more beds for GYN patients, women undergoing surgery and those receiving cancer care
  • Add up to 3,000 patient days per year

Enhance Care for All Women:

  • New technology, including a virtual NICU care platform
  • Increase telehealth/rural outreach to meet a growing gap in specialized medical care for women in smaller communities
  • Expand mental health care and social services to ensure comprehensive care

Total Cost: $16.3 million 

For All Women: A Campaign to Grow Methodist Women's Hospital


Since 2010, a Regional Center of Excellence in Women’s Health

From the young adult choosing her doctor to the woman overcoming cancer and the couple with a baby born earlier than expected, we are dedicated to being there – every step, every stage: care throughout a lifetime.

With your support, we will increase access to serve more patients, invest in new technology and expand vital programs, ensuring more hope and healing For All Women.